How to store your spices to keep them fresh

Have you ever reached for a jar of spices, only to find that the spices are tasteless? You're disappointed when you realize you have spices on your hands that aren't fresh, and there are things you can do to prevent it from happening again. Whether you buy your spices from your favorite grocery store or dry them yourself, knowing how to store them properly can keep your spices fully flavored.

In this article, you'll find quick and easy ways to store them. Your favorite condiments will be full of flavor when you keep these tips in mind.

Make sure your spice jars are airtight
Choosing the right container is also a key step in spice storage. You can't go wrong storing spices in an airtight container with a lid.

Be sure to use glass spice containers
Glass, plastic, and ceramic are popular choices for seasoning storage. However, glass and ceramic are less breathable and easier to clean than plastic. At the same time, plastic has the disadvantage of absorbing the odor of the spices, which makes it difficult to reuse the containers.

Glass is ideal for storing spices because it is clear and you can easily assess what and how much you have, as well as the visual quality. You will be able to keep track of the color and texture of the spices.

The Best Places to Store Seasonings
Light, air, heat, and moisture are the four factors that cause spices to lose their aroma and flavor quickly. If you keep these elements as far away from your spices as possible, you will be able to keep them fresher and make them last longer. Consider storing spices in a dark, cool place, such as a food pantry, drawer, or cabinet.

Heat: High temperatures (>20°C) lead to the loss of volatile oils from the spices, as the heat causes them to evaporate faster.

Air: The essential oils naturally present in most condiments are oxidized in the presence of atmospheric oxygen (especially at higher temperatures); this can lead to the degradation of the aroma and the development of off-flavors.
Most intact spices are protected by a peel or shell, but ground spices are susceptible to the effects of air.

Moisture: Spices are dried to moisture levels of 8-16% (specific values are determined for each spice), so storing them unprotected in environments with high relative humidity (>60%) can lead to moisture absorption, resulting in caking (ground spices or mixtures), rancidity or mold growth.

Light: Spices containing pigments such as chili peppers (capsicum, paprika), turmeric, green cardamom, saffron, and dried herbs (containing chlorophyll) are more susceptible to the effects of light, resulting in discoloration and loss of flavor.


No matter what method you use to maximize the benefits of your spices, you'll want to follow some basic guidelines. Keep them away from heat, light, and excess air, all of which can leach out or destroy the essential oils of the spices. This means that your spice storage should not be near a stove, oven, or other heat source, at least not for long periods of time.

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