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The Factory Four

Quality is the only criterion for a product. Rigorous and safe attitude should be applied to all aspects of product production.

Inspection Methods

Experimental methods for thermal shock resistance and durability of glass containers; GB/T 4548 test method and classification for water erosion resistance of inner surface of glass container; Permissible limits of lead, cadmium, arsenic and antimony dissolution in glass containers; 3.1 quality standards for glass bottles

Strength Test

The round bottle shall be carried out according to the provisions of GB/T 6552. Select the weakest part or contact part of the bottle body for impact. Type test can be conducted by simulating production collision or on-machine detection.

Sampling Check

First, calculate the number of packages extracted according to 5% of the total number of packages in this batch of goods: one third of the required number of packages was randomly selected from the front, middle and rear of each vehicle, and 30%-50% of the packages were randomly selected from each package for appearance inspection.


Mianly Market

North America
South America
Southeast Asia
Eastern Europe

Why Us?

Rigorous and responsible production attitude, efficient production process. Control the quality of the bottle layer by layer to ensure that the bottle is solid and durable.


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