The difference between hot filling and cold filling

Hot and cold filling are two methods for contract packaging perishable liquids and foods. These two methods are not to be confused with filling temperature; Although hot filling and cold filling are preservation methods, the filling temperature will affect the viscosity of the liquid and thus the accuracy of the packing machine. In order to reach a correct conclusion about which filling method is best for the product, the main differences between the two must be understood.

Hot Filling
Hot filling is a common liquid sampling process that eliminates the use of preservatives and other chemicals. Hot filling is the pasteurization of liquid products using a high-temperature Short time (HTST) process through a heat exchanger over a temperature range of 185-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot-filled products are bottled at approximately 180 degrees F, and the container and cap are held at this temperature for 120 seconds before being cooled by immersion in a spray cooling channel. After 30 minutes in the cooling channel, most products come out below 100 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point they are labeled, packaged, and loaded into trays.

Hot filling is used for the co-packaging of acidic foods. Examples of foods suitable for hot filling include sodas, vinegar, vinegar-based sauces, sports drinks, and juices. There are several different types of containers that work well for hot filling processes, such as glass, cardboard, and some, but not all, plastics.

Cold Filling
Cold filling is a filling process used for products such as sports drinks, milk, and fresh fruit juices.
Unlike hot filling, cold filling uses extremely cold temperatures to kill bacteria. The cold filling process uses ice-cold air to spray food packages and sterilize them before loading them. Food is also kept cool until it is loaded into containers. Cold filling is popular with many of our customers because they do not need to use preservatives or other food additives to protect food from the high heat effects of the hot filling process. Almost any packaging container works well for the cold filling process.

The cold filling process is a boon for many industries and products because hot filling has limitations that can cause problems for products. Many food and beverage products, such as milk, fruit juices, certain beverages, and some pharmaceuticals, are specifically recommended for the cold filling process because it reduces or avoids the need for preservatives and additives and still protect the product from bacterial contamination.

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