Glass jars: Why they are best for food storage?

In today's dangerous society filled with heavy metals, plastics, mold, and synthetic chemicals, our bodies are already carrying a tremendous toxic weight. In this case, glass is a viable option for kitchen storage tanks and containers. The use of glass in kitchens is increasing as people become more concerned about their health and overall well-being, and the demand for glass has grown over time. So, why glass is a better option for food storage? Read on to find out!

Why glass jars are best for food storage?

Neutral: The glass food jar is completely inert to its contents. There is no migration between the glass and the food. In addition, with the right fittings, the glass is completely hermetically sealed. This means that the glass offers a high level of safety for the end customer.

Heat-resistant: Glass is heat-resistant. This quality is important for jams or hot packaged ready-to-eat foods. Please note that Type III glass cannot withstand thermal shock in excess of 42°C.

Ideal long shelf life: Due to its heat resistance, the glass packaging can be sterilized or pasteurized. Both processes guarantee a long shelf life.

Aesthetics: Glass is popular for high-end products. In fact, its high transparency allows consumers to visualize the contents. This quality is also used by brands to enhance their products. In addition to its transparency, glass has a glossy appearance.

Positioning: Its neutrality and aesthetics make it a very popular material for packaging high-end foods. In fact, it is perfect for increasing its content and guaranteeing the quality of all types of food: sauces, canned vegetables, appetizers, jam, salad, honey, ready-to-eat foods, soups, etc.

Unlimited recyclability: The collection and recycling process of the glass is perfectly controlled. The soda-lime glass contains a percentage of recycled glass. Like metal, recycled glass retains all its aesthetic and mechanical properties.

Reusable: Glass is a non-porous material that is easy to clean. Over time, glass retains all of its properties. Glass food jars can be reused by the final consumer as well as by professionals who wish to limit its environmental impact. In the case of reuse by professionals, it is necessary to choose packaging specifically designed for this use.

Tips for choosing the best glass jars for your food

The first thing you will have to consider is the type of product contained and choosing the right packaging. Then, you will have to consider the packaging process. If you need to pasteurize or sterilize the product, you will need to choose containers that support such processes. If you're packaging light-sensitive products (such as vegetable oils), you can choose a tinted glass that filters UV rays. Your brand positioning should also be taken into account when choosing packaging. If you want to package artisanal products, it's best to use traditional jars. On the other hand, premium jars are ideal for high-end positioning.


Glass food storage jar is very strong and can be reused for many years. Made from a renewable resource, glass lasts longer than plastic and can be recycled indefinitely, although it is more expensive to purchase. As a result, the long-term impact on the economy is much less. There's no doubt that it's also earth-friendly!

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Post time: Nov-24-2023
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