How To Store Maple Syrup?

Maple syrup is made by removing the water from the sap and making it into syrup. Once you've dug up your tree and boiled the sap into homemade maple syrup, it is time to store your maple syrup for later use. Every drop of sweet maple syrup is more precious than the last, especially as you’re nearing the end of a bottle. Here are some tips to make sure you store your maple syrup in the best way possible.

Glass jars to store maple syrup
You can store maple syrup in the same type of glass syrup jars you use for canning. These things are easily available and can be reused year after year. The downside of glass canning jars is that it's harder to get the syrup out; You can use spoons, or pour enough syrup into gravy boats or measuring cups with mouths, for breakfast.

Glass bottles to store maple syrup
If you don't want to use glass jars, your other option is to buy traditional maple syrup glass jugs and bottles. You can either re-use the maple syrup glass bottles after disinfecting them or purchase a new bottle from ant glass packaging. These syrup glass bottles have narrow pouring openings for easy storage and use.

Keep your maple syrup in the fridge
After filling maple syrup in bottles or jars, put them in the fridge, where it will keep for up to a year. Freezing is the wisest option for long-term storage. Maple syrup stored in glass and refrigerated can retain its flavor indefinitely.

How to disinfect maple syrup bottles and jars
To disinfect glass syrup bottles or jars, you can use a boiling water bath for 12 minutes. You can also place a clean glass bottle or jar in the oven and sterilize it at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes. If it's a brand new maple syrup pot, you can safely store the syrup without disinfecting.

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