What to Consider When Investing in Sauce Bottles

How to choose sauce bottles for your brand?

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There are plenty of questions that arise when investing in sauce bottles. Do you want plastic or glass containers? Should they be clear or tinted? Does it make sense to go with a custom shape or stick with a standard bottle?

The answer to each question is valid depending on your needs and preferences, so it comes down to which solutions are right for your company and your customers. To figure that answer out, you’ll want to weigh the following considerations.

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What Do You Want Your Sauce Bottles to Look Like?

The aesthetics of your bottle matters to your consumers in a few ways. The clarity of your container can help convey a sense of quality. For example, a clear flint bottle can look like a higher-quality option than a bottle with a brown or green tint to it. However, the cast color of the bottle isn’t always a major issue given the colors of a typical BBQ sauce. Essentially, your preferred bottle color comes down to preference. Do you or your customers care more about higher perceived value? You may want to opt for a flint glass bottle or a clear plastic container. If you don’t mind a bit of tint or don’t mind if the bottles don’t look quite as pretty, non-flint containers will do just fine.

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The shape of your glass sauce containers also plays a role in the perceived value of your product. Some companies like to add some character to their products with custom shapes or other eye-catching designs. Of course, more elaborate designs will require a specialized mold that will mean more cost. If originality is a big part of your plan to attract customers or convey value, it may be well worth the price. If not, a regularly available bottle shape will certainly get the job done, whether you sell your products to major retailers, online, or somewhere else.

Do You Hot Fill Your Sauce Bottles?
Your filling process plays a big part in your bottle material. If you hot fill your sauce containers, glass sauce bottle is a good fit because plastic bottles will get soft from the heat required to kill bacteria and prevent product from going bad. Processes that utilize a cooling line will increase your material options, although the costs of adding that line may be difficult depending on your operation. If you really want plastic bottles, you’ll need to weigh the cost benefits of adding a cooling line versus sticking with glass packaging. If not, glass is always there to support you.

What are Your Shipping and Freight Costs?
If you have a choice between glass and plastic, you’ll want to weigh the impact each has on shipping. One issue with glass is that you will deal with more breakage than plastic. In addition, glass is simply heavier than plastic, which will add to your freight costs. If you need to save on shipping, plastic is a logical choice unless you have other reasons that tie you to glass.

Do You Have a Packaging Distributor That Can Source the Right Bottles for Your Company?
With all the factors involved with identifying the right bottles for your sauce, it’s important to work with a packaging distributor that can get you a quality, cost-effective solution for your needs. ANT Packaging can help you determine the best container based on your exact specifications.

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Are you ready to invest in the right sauce bottles for your business? Check out our available packaging products online or contact us today to talk to us about your packaging needs.

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Post time: Dec-20-2021
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