What are the sizes and uses of Mason jars?

Mason jars come in a variety of sizes, but the cool thing about them is that there are only two mouth sizes. This means that a 12-ounce wide-mouth Mason jar has the same lid size as a 32-ounce wide-mouth Mason jar. In this article, we will introduce you to the different sizes and uses of Mason jars, so that you can better store your food.

Regular mouth:

The regular mouth size of a mason jar is the original size. We are all familiar with the shape of Mason jars with standard mouths, so if you want your Mason jars to have the classic look of tapered lids and wide bodies, then go with the standard mouth. The diameter of the standard mouth size is 2.5 inches.

Wide mouth:

Wide mouth mason jars were introduced later and they became a favorite for many people because they were easier to clean as you could put your whole hand inside to scrub better.

People who like canning also tend to like the wide-mouth Mason jars because it is easier for them to put food in the jars without spilling anything. The diameter of the wide mouth size is 3 inches.

4oz (Quarter-Pint) Mason Jars:

The 4 oz Mason jar is the smallest capacity size. It can hold up to half a cup of food or liquid, and due to its compact size, it only comes in a regular mouth option. Its height is 2 ¼ inches and its width is 2 ¾ inches. It often called "jelly jars", they are used to can small amounts of sweet and savory jellies. This cute size is perfect for storing spice mixes, and leftovers, or even trying DIY projects like Mason jarring succulents!

4oz mason jar

8oz (Half-Pint) Mason Jars:

8 oz Mason jar is available in both regular and wide-mouth options, with a capacity equal to ½ pint. The regular 8 oz jars measure 3 ¾ inches tall and 2 ⅜ inches wide. The wide-mouth version will be 2 ½ inches high and 2 ⅞ inches wide at the center. This is also a popular size for jams and jellies. Or, shake up a small batch of salad in a mason jar. These little half-pint glasses are perfect for use as drinking glasses. And can also be used to make milkshakes. These jars are also commonly used as decorative toothbrush holders and tea light holders.

12oz (Three-Quarter Pint) Mason Jars:

12 oz Mason jar is available in regular mouth option. Regular mouth jars of this size are 5 ¼ inches tall and 2 ⅜ wide at the center. Taller than 8 oz jars, 12-ounce Mason jars are perfect for "tall" vegetables like asparagus or string beans. Of course, these are also great for storing leftovers, dry goods, etc. 

12oz mason jar

16oz (Pint) Mason Jars:

16oz mason jars come in both regular and wide-mouth varieties. Regular mouth 16-ounce jars are 5 inches in height and 2 ¾ inches in width at the midpoint. Wide-mouth 16-ounce jars are 4⅝ inches in height and 3 inches in width at the midpoint. These classic 16 oz jars are literally everywhere! They are probably the most popular size. These jars are typically used to hold fruits, vegetables, and pickles. They're also great for storing dry goods, like beans, nuts, or rice, and for making homemade gifts.

24oz (1.5 Pint) Mason Jars:

24oz mason jars come in wide mouth option. Ideal for canned asparagus, sauces, pickles, soups, and stews.

32oz (Quart) Mason Jars:

The 32 oz regular mouth jar is 6 ¾ inches in height and 3 ⅜ inches in width at midpoint. The wide-mouth version has a height of 6½ inches and a midpoint width of 3 ¼ inches. These jars are perfect for storing dry goods purchased in bulk, such as flour, pasta, cereals, and rice! This size is common in DIY projects. This is a great size for making vases or paintings and to use as an organizer.

64oz (Half-Gallon) Mason Jars:

This is a large-size Mason jar that holds a half gallon. It is usually only available in a wide-mouthed version with a height of 9 ⅛ inches and a width of 4 inches in the center. This size jar is perfect for making drinks at parties like iced tea, fresh lemonade, or fruit alcohol!


In the world of home canning, choosing the right canning jars is critical to effectively preserving the flavor of food. Always remember that plain Mason glass jars are best for canning foods such as jams, jellies, salsa, sauces, pie fillings, and vegetables. Wide-mouth Mason jars have larger openings that make filing easier and are ideal for preserving whole fruits and vegetables.

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