A Complete Guide to Liquor Glass Bottle Sizes

If you've ever been confused about the different sizes of liquor glass bottles and how to choose the right one, then you've come to the right place. In this article, we will demystify the various bottle sizes, from miniature to large. Whether you're buying or displaying, understanding the differences in bottle sizes will help you make an informed decision. Let's get started!

Liquor Glass Bottle Sizes

Shot bottle:  Miniature liquor glass bottles are also known as "nips" or "air bottles". These small bottles usually hold about 50 milliliters of liquor.

Split Bottle:  This bottle holds 187.5 ml and is typically used for single servings or as a sample.

Half pint:  Despite the name, a bottle of Half Pint is only 200 ml, almost equal to 7 ounces. Half pints are a good compromise between portability and value with 4 glasses of liquor's worth. This format is popular for high-end spirits like cognac.

Pint: A 375ml bottle, also known as a pint bottle, is half the size of a standard 750ml bottle. Small bottles are usually used for personal consumption or as a convenient option for mixing cocktails.

500ml: 500 ml bottles are common in the EU market, especially for liqueurs and specialty spirits such as distilled whisky, gin, and rum.

700ml: The 70cl bottle is the standard bottle measure for spirits in numerous European nations, including the UK, Spain, and Germany.

Fifth: As the most common bottle estimate, a "five-fifth" is precisely one-fifth of a 750 ml gallon. This equates to nearly 25 ounces or 17 shots of liquor. When people refer to a "standard" liquor bottle, they usually mean this. 750 ml bottle is the standard bottle size for alcohol and spirits in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the world.

1-liter bottles: With a capacity of 1,000 milliliters, they are common in the US, Mexico, Canada, and the European Union. Spirit bottles are often preferred by those who drink liqueurs regularly or who need to drink large quantities of liqueurs at events or parties.

Magnum:  The 1.5-liter bottle is known as a Magnum and is identical to two standard 750ml glass bottles. These larger bottles are often used for special occasions, celebrations, or entertaining a large group.

Handle (half-gallon): Known as the "handle" due to the built-in grip around the neck, this size holds 1.75 liters (about 59 ounces) of water. With a capacity of nearly 40 glasses, this handle is an economical choice for bars and liquor stores.

Shot Liquor Glass Bottle

Pint Liquor Glass Bottle

50cl Spirit Glass Bottle

70cl Glass Liquor Bottle

75cl Liquor Glass Bottle

100cl Liquor Glass Bottle

How many shots in different sizes of liquor glass bottles?

Knowing the amount of alcohol in your bottle, whether it's a 750 ml bottle of vodka or whiskey, a one-liter bottle, or a heavy handle, can greatly enhance your drinking experience. It can help you gauge your intake, make the perfect cocktail, and most importantly, drink responsibly. Keep in mind that every type of bottle, from the standard 750 ml to bottles with handles, produces a different amount of drink depending on how much you pour.

50ml liquor glass bottle: One shot in a 50ml miniature glass liquor bottle.

200ml liquor glass bottle: The half-pint bottle holds 4 full-sized shots.

375ml liquor glass bottle: There are about 8.5 shots in a 375 ml bottle of liquor.

500ml spirit glass bottle: About 11.2 shots in a 50 cl spirits glass bottle.

700ml alcohol glass bottle: There are about 15.7 shots in a 70 cl liquor glass bottle.

750ml alcohol glass bottle: There are around 16 shots in a 75 cl alcohol glass bottle.

1L liquor glass bottle: 22 shots in a 1000ml liquor glass bottle.

1.5L alcohol glass bottle: A magnum bottle can effectively hold 34 shots of alcohol.

1.75L liquor glass bottle: The handle liquor glass bottle practically overflows with almost 40 full shots inside at maximum capacity.

Name Milliliters Ounces Shots(1.5oz)
Nip 50ml 1.7oz 1
Half pint 200ml 6.8oz 4.5
Pint 375ml 12.7oz 8
Fifth 750ml 25.4oz 16
Liter 1000ml 33.8oz 22
Magnum 1500ml 50.7oz 33.8
Handle 1750ml 59.2oz 39


Is the 750 ml liquor glass bottle size standardized globally?

Whereas the 750 ml measure is broadly acknowledged, there are territorial varieties and exemptions. A few liquor-producing nations have their conventional bottle sizes, but 75 cl liquor bottles remain the most common in the world.


Are all spirits bottles the same size?

The size of the liquor glass bottle depends on the type of spirit and the brand. 750 ml glass spirit bottles are the standard for most, but some companies choose to use unique bottles and various sizes. Unique bottle sizes are often used for marketing purposes to emphasize the brand.

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