100 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars! Most complete!

When you run out of sauces or jam at home, you will be left with a lot of empty used glass jars, and these discarded jars can be reused with a little bit of modification. Here are 100 most complete ways to reuse used glass jars, hope it will be helpful for you!

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100 Ways to Reuse Glass Jars:

1. Store food, such as nuts, grains, honey, jam, pickled foods, etc.

2. Use as a food container to store leftover food in the refrigerator

3. Make homemade condiments such as salad dressings, sauces, spice mixes, etc.

4. Store and preserve dry ingredients, such as dried fruits, tea leaves, coffee beans, etc.

5. Use as a candy jar or candy storage container

6. Make homemade drinks such as juice, ice tea, lemonade, etc.

7. Make a candle or candle holder

8. Used as decorations, such as vases, candle holders, bottle lamps, etc.

9. Store small household items such as needlework, buttons, gadgets, etc.

10. Use as a piggy bank or change jar

11. Make DIY gifts, such as scented candles, decorative bottles, etc.

12. Store herbs or herbal teas

13. Make a honey jar or honey dispenser

14. Make jam or jam dispensers

15. Make homemade skin care or beauty products

16. Make homemade aromatherapy or perfume

17. Make a homemade face mask or body scrub

18. Used as a container for gifts

19. Store dried flowers or plant specimens

20. Make a DIY Seeding Jar or Indoor Planter

21. Store makeup brushes or makeup tools

22. Make unique DIY lamps

23. Store baking materials such as chocolate beans, flour, powdered sugar, etc.

24. Containers for making pickled foods

25. Use as a bathroom storage tank to store cotton swabs, cotton balls, etc.

26. Store blends or seasonings

27. Make a personalized DIY hourglass

28. Used as pen holder and stationery storage

29. Store medications or herbs

30. Make a DIY photo frame or picture frame

31. Used as a container for craft materials, such as colored beads, buttons, etc.

32. Store art supplies such as paints, brushes, etc.

33. Make a DIY candy jar hat or gift box

34. Used as a container for bath salts or bath products

35. Make a DIY soap or soap dispenser

36. Store kitchen spices or condiments

37. Make candle lids or protective covers

38. A container used to store jewelry or jewelry

39. Store ingredients or condiments such as chocolate chips, nuts, etc.

40. Make DIY music equipment, such as maracas, drums, etc.

41. Used as DIY children's toys, such as sensor bottles, sand painting bottles, etc.

42. Store hair products such as hair clips, hair ties, etc.

43. Make a DIY time capsule or memory box

44. Used to store knitting supplies, such as needlework, knitting hooks, etc.

45. Make a DIY indoor garden or mini green plants

46. Store craft materials such as feathers, shells, etc.

47. Make DIY decorative bottles or ornaments

48. Used as a box to store coins or commemorative coins

49. Store DIY manicure supplies, such as nail polish, nail stickers, etc.

50. Make homemade essential oils or fragrances


51. Used to store tableware, such as straws, chopsticks, etc.

52. Store textiles such as yarn, fabric, etc.

53. Make DIY aquarium decorations

54. Use it to store mini tools or multifunctional gadgets

55. Make DIY envelopes or paper gift wrapping

56. Store paper or office supplies

57. Make a DIY music box or carousel

58. Used to store bottled condiments, such as soy sauce, vinegar, etc.

59. Store DIY manicure tools such as nail clippers, nail files, etc.

60. Used as toothbrushing cup or mouthwash cup

61. Used to store pens, pencils or drawing tools

62. Store materials and tools for DIY crafts

63. Make DIY decorative string lights

64. Used to store children’s toys or puzzles

65. Store DIY embroidery tools and needlework

66. Used to store acupuncture needles or acupuncture equipment

67. Store DIY beauty tools such as makeup brushes, sponges, etc.

68. Make DIY conch shell decorations

69. Used to store fishing bait or fishing gear

70. Store DIY painting tools such as brushes, palettes, etc.

71. Make a homemade candy platter or dessert tray

72. Used to store small home hair trimming tools

73. Store DIY yoga or sports supplies, such as small equipment, rubber bands, etc.

74. Store DIY glass magnets or refrigerator stickers

75. Store clothing and accessories, such as tie clips, brooches, etc.

76. Store DIY fabric dyes and dyeing tools

77. Make a DIY crystal bottle or crystal ball

78. Used to store photographic equipment or camera accessories

79. Store DIY Papercraft Tools and Materials

80. Make delicious homemade cider or cider dispensers

81. Used to store stationery and office supplies

82. Store DIY baking tools and baking ingredients

83. Make a DIY shampoo or conditioner container

84. Used to store kitchen gadgets, such as bottle openers, peelers, etc.

85. Store DIY pottery tools and materials

86. Make a DIY music box or automatic playing instrument

87. Use it to store bookmarks or paper notes

88. Store DIY candy or chocolate making tools

89. Make a DIY decorative wreath or flower crown

90. Used to store art and painting supplies, such as sketch pencils, erasers, etc.

91. Store DIY Candle Making Tools and Materials

92. Make a homemade gourmet gift box or gift basket

93. Used to store beauty makeup brushes

94. Store DIY ceramics or ceramics

95. Make DIY children’s musical instruments, such as hand bells, snare drums, etc.

96. Used to store mobile phone accessories, such as chargers, headphones, etc.

97. Store DIY model making tools and materials

98. Used to store coins and change

99. Make DIY candy decorations or icing pipers

100. Used for glass recycling & reproduction, green and environmentally friendly


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